Discipleship in the Community Center

Discipleship in a Pandemic

This year sure has been a tough one, but one of the things that has kept our staff engaged and pushing on towards our mission of making Disciples of Jesus are our core values: Humility. Excellence. Jesus. Commitment. Compassion. Flexibility. Read more to find out how we're continuing to disciple kids and engage their families during the pandemic.
A Grand Angel Oak


Resilience for a lot of folks would be synonymous with strength. What does it really mean and how can you be more resilient for tomorrow?
sunica handing out pandemic supplies

A Pandemic’s Affect on SuNica’s Work

Our mission remains the same, but the execution has looked a little different. When the global pandemic started, we had to quickly pull-back from our normal way of doing things and get creative to keep our programs and projects going...

At Least 1% Racist

I had an epiphany this year. I was struggling with whether or not human beings always act in accordance with their beliefs.
huddle at soccer match in San Carlos, Nicaragua

New Excitement for Discipleship

Before we ever finished the water project in San Carlos, one of the rockstar members of our CAPS, Doña Julia, had a question: When are you starting Discipleship here?!   But just like any of our initiatives, we approach starting new programs purposefully and responsibly, with a deliberate process. In San Carlos, that began last year...
shanghai and josh in conversation

Talking Shop With Shanghai

The thing that most impressed me is almost impossible to put into proper words. Spiritual things are that way. Shanghai’s personal growth and his spiritual depth really got to me.
CAPS meeting in the Sacred Forest

Unexpected Moments In The Sacred Forest

Imagine telling a stranger about your deepest fears and physical struggles. Those were the kinds of stories shared. Two of the groups got to tell of a triumphant conclusion, while the third got to dream of the day their own water needs are fulfilled.