Community Centers

Community Centers provide a place where children and parents can safely gather to have fun, learn, and grow in their faith. They also become the epicenter of our discipleship programming. For the first few years, we use whatever limited space we can find until we are able to raise the necessary funds and build a community center.

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El Limonal Community Center

Our first ever community center exists in an unexpected place – on the edge of a trash dump. This facility is a safe space where kids can learn, play, and be encouraged to grow in their faith

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Shifting our model away from an exclusive focus on child sponsorship and toward an inclusive model focused on every child in each of the communities we serve.


Eta and Iota - Two Hurricanes in Two Weeks

SuNica staff & the Leon/Chinandega was spared the worst. Not so for NE Nicaragua. This blog will be updated as Hurricane updates become available.