Naty, is an 18-year-old from El Porvenir. She was part of the first generation of children who entered the discipleship program four years ago. We want to celebrate her heart, vision, and generosity in serving the children of her community.

One of Naty’s dreams is to become a teacher! She loves children and teaching them life skills to improve their well-being. She understands that education is the path to a better future for a thriving life!

She is currently using her SuNica scholarship in her second year of university education to receive her teaching degree. She feels grateful to God for being part of SuNica’s program because she’s able to help children improve in school AND help them learn more about God.

“My family motivated me to study this career. And now, I want to be an example in my community, and help other young people so they don’t miss out on studying. I am grateful to SuNica because they have helped me fulfill my dreams. Through their support I have been able to continue studying and further my relationship with God.”

– Naty
El Porvenir THRIVE program