Sara’s* dream is to be a leader in her community. She has a strong desire to share what she has learned from God and to be a role model for young girls. Not only is she a pre-leader, but she is also studying to be a teacher. And we’ve watched her fight for this dream! While being in school and working towards a dream may seem normal to some, it is certainly not the norm in her community. 

Sara’s Discipleship Coordinator, Nathi told us that Sara has been leading a tutoring session at SuNica’s Community Center for adults who have gone back to school. Nathi says that the opportunity to tutor adults has been a big confidence booster and has most certainly fueled her desire to become a professional teacher.

At SuNica our mission is to make disciples through clean water, education, and mentorship. Hopefully throughout our Pipeline campaign, you received a full picture of how clean water and mentorship go hand in hand. The reality is that education and mentorship work collectively too!

Our discipleship coordinators play a vital role in helping the kids in our THRIVE program stay in school. And for Sara, we know her discipleship coordinator played a huge role in cultivating her dream to one day become a teacher. It has been a joy to have a front-row seat to her journey!

*pseudonym used for privacy