Recently, the community of El Porvenir experienced an electrical problem leaving its residents without power for more than five days. During trials like this we are thankful for the CAPS (Water and Sanitation Committee) that was originally established in 2014 during SuNica’s first ever clean water project!

The lack of electricity meant that the entire community would be without water once the tank emptied and the CAPS tried to provide temporary solutions. They borrowed a generator and the team tried to power the water pump, which unfortunately caused many issues. Because of this, people in El Porvenir were on strict orders to only use water necessary for human consumption. People could’ve been selfish and angry at this setback, but instead they rallied together!

The entire community showed up to support and they urged the CAPS to respond to the energy problem, which they did. In the end, electricity was restored to the community!

We are dedicated to fostering the growth of each the CAPS committee member, acknowledging their immense value to their community and family. It’s cool to see how innovative administrative control techniques that were instilled for the purposes of managing a water project can be repurposed to solve other problems – like a power outage.