Join Us On a Life Changing Trip to Nicaragua

Join us! Whether you’ve been a part of the SuNica family for years or even if you don’t even know us – we’d be honored to invite you to join alongside us in this work. When we sacrifice a week of our lives to a work that is far beyond ourselves, that’s where the magic happens! You won’t change Nicaragua in a week, but Nicaragua is sure to change you.

What to Expect

Expect a new family! The SuNica team has been hand-selected over many years based on important attributes, but most importantly — their character. You’re about to implant yourself among a group of young Nicaraguans that love deeply and have great compassion for their compatriots… and for you too!

An Experience of a Lifetime

As we live out our faith in Jesus — there are days, weeks, and moments that mark us forever and change the trajectory of our lives. We can’t promise anything, but this is a place with a history of great moments.

We Hope You Leave the Trip Inspired

We hope you leave this trip with immense joy in your heart, with new friends that will last for eternity and a new perspective that adjusts your trajectory towards the God who loves you and calls you into His purposes.

Types of Trips


Doing real work side-by-side with SuNica’s staff IS the modem by which you experience the mission and build relationships.  

Youth Discipleship

SuNica’s Discipleship staff is doing this work every day. Whether you’re coming to help us with a Soccer Tournament, a Wilderness Retreat, or a Leadership Summit – We’ll learn from your experiences, and you’ll learn from ours!

Leadership Development

Leadership is a loaded term, but everyone is always leading and being led in some capacity. We host leadership development retreats for our staff as well as kids and adults from the communities we serve. If you’ve got a group that has something to offer.


Want to experience the work of SuNica to see if your church or family can partner for the long haul? Join us!