There are thousands of vulnerable children in
Nicaragua. Discipleship creates a different story.
Join us.

Church Patnerships

Church Partnerships

We invite your church to join us in bringing the Kingdom of Heaven to earth in Nicaragua.



Travel with us to stand in solidarity with people in genuine, sometimes desperate need.



Consider supporting the discipleship and well-being of a child through our Education and Mentorship program.

Ditch digging group in Salinas Grande

The Latest

Salinas TOTW

Salinas: Turn on the Water

Our biggest water project to date serving 400+ homes and over 2,000 people. The 20 year cost of the initial construction will only be $3.75 per person per year.

Sponsorship Card

Child Sponsorship

Sponsorship invites a person like you to support the discipleship and well-being of a child — equipping students to discover their purpose.