Water & Sanitation

The two-year process of turning on the water in a community requires a significant investment of time and money. Through this process, we get to know the community leaders and other key members of the community. As discipleship is our ultimate calling and ultimate mission, this is an excellent opportunity to make disciples among the adults of the community.

Current Project

Los Ranchos will be our 4th major water project and the community is ready to work to make 24/7 clean water a reality! It’s a lot smaller than our last project, but it’s also very accessible and really close to our base. The project will:

  • Take 2-years to complete along with 1 year of leadership training
  • Impact 160 homes/families
  • Require a 7km network of pipe
  • Require an 8000-gallon metal tank

The Latest

Latest Project

Salinas: Turn on the Water

Our biggest water project to date serving 400+ homes and over 2,000 people. The 20 year cost of the initial construction will only be $3.75 per person per year.

Recent Project

San Carlos: Turn on the Water

A remarkably diverse community with some residents living adjacent to a paved highway while other homes are accessible only on foot. San Carlos is a well-organized community with all the feelings of rural Nicaragua, yet only a 6-minute ride to the bustling city of Leon.

Recent Project

El Porvenir: Turn on the Water

El Porvenir is a truly rural community. It sits along a former railroad trestle connecting Nicaragua’s main port of Corinto and the city of Chinandega. The site of our first-ever full-scale water project and modern bathroom project.