Their Nicaragua… God’s Nicaragua

SuNica is a name that embodies the idea that Nicaragua is Your Nicaragua, or better yet,
it’s God’s Nicaragua, and we should care for it as such. It is the Western Hemisphere’s second most impoverished nation, where only one in five students graduate high school. Over 90% of girls will become pregnant by age 19, and nearly half of rural citizens live without an improved water source. Despite the educational and public health burdens these statistics demonstrate, the need for the Gospel of Jesus is perhaps even more significant.

Our Communities

El Limonal

We started SuNica after witnessing kids picking through trash in the middle of a school day. It changed our lives, and we have been learning and growing ever since...

Salinas Grande

This coastal community represents the largest population we serve...

El Porvenir

We implemented our first full-scale clean water project here, followed by our first modern bathroom project...

San Carlos

This sprawling community is where we implemented our second Turn On the Water project...

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Our Community Development Mode

Every project we take on is all about making disciples of Jesus. Our discipleship staff serves hundreds of
children in three different communities, acting as much-needed role models, providing love and
encouragement, and demonstrating the transformative power of the Gospel.


Water & Sanitation

It is a two-year process to provide this basic need that is vital to human flourishing. Once clean water is flowing, a modern bathroom project follows. 

Education & Mentoring

We engage the staff in spiritual direction, the staff conducts the same with their volunteer leaders, and they facilitate spiritual direction for future leaders.

Community Centers

The epicenter of our Mentorship/Discipleship programming — where children and parents can safely gather to have fun, learn, and grow in their faith. 

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