The Salinas Grande water team compiled the documentation that CAPS needs for the topographic work and the legalization of the land where the new well is located. The team successfully completed a survey of the land, which is necessary to register the deed in the name of CAPS (the water committee). That piece of land was donated to the community by a local farmer, for the tank, tower and well. Praise God! This is a HUGE blessing!

Why does this matter?

It would be very easy for a local landowner to take advantage of the situation and name their price for a postage stamp sized parcel. For this neighboring farmer to donate the land for the betterment of the community was a HUGE blessing for the community of Salinas Grande, and for SuNica as well.

A third of the community in Salinas has not had full-time water because one of the two wells servicing the community failed. But with this additional, working well, all of the Salinas community will once again have 24/7 clean water! There is still some electrical and pipe work to be done to get everything back to 100%, but we’re so very close.