We recently hosted a group from Grace Church in Southern Pines, NC in Nicaragua. This allowed us the perfect opportunity to start on a new Sacred Forest project, with some extra hands!

The project was a rainwater harvesting system. Here at SuNica, part of our mission is to bring clean water and sanitation to our communities. While the Sacred Forest isn’t technically one of our communities, it’s where we host discipleship retreats with kids across all of our communities. Because of this, our mission is the same in the Sacred Forest. In order to successfully build bathrooms and showers, this project is a must!

Currently, the Sacred Forest has neither bathrooms nor showers because of the lack of running water. Our biggest obstacle to making this possible is that during the dry season, we barely have enough water to operate the camp and coffee farm. The rainwater harvesting system will give us additional water capacity to be able to add proper facilities. With the completion of this project, we’ll be able to eliminate our latrines and finally add flush toilets and showers to our Sacred Forest retreat center!