Every two years, our Clean Water Team embarks on another project to bring forth full-scale, sustainable water projects in Nicaragua.

So, how does SuNica decide where to begin a new initiative?

It’s all about three letters – PRA. We use a Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA) approach to empower people to be a major part of their solution.

The community organizes an initial meeting, recognizing water as a top priority. We share a little about SuNica, but really lean on the community to “lead the conversation.”

Then, we request that the citizens organize a meeting within a few weeks to talk about what’s going on in their community.

On that meeting day, we divide the group into two sessions, one for the men and one for the women. Our female and male staff members separate to lead their appropriate meetings, and then it’s time to get down to business – making a community map! Using flour for roads and matchbooks for buildings, this is as much a meeting icebreaker as it is an information-gathering session for the team. We learn about the size of a community and the different types of people within the group.

Then we bring out a box of clavos (or ‘nails’ in Spanish, which is also slang for ‘problems’) to pinpoint problem areas in their village. Some examples of problems include wells that quickly dry up or abusive households. Shame, pride, and fear are just a few factors that can make people hesitant to share these clavos aloud. That’s why holding separate meetings is so important. 

Finally, we ask the community to dream for a moment… 

If they were to win the communal lottery, what would they fix, and in what order?

If water is priority number one or two in both meetings, then we’re well on the way to our next Turn On The Water project!

Why is the PRA process so important?

Because it shows us if a community truly desires a clean water project. We only meet with communities who need one, but do they really want it?

Our goal is sustainability – bringing clean water to communities for the long haul. It takes the whole community working together to create and complete a successful water project…

And that includes YOU!

You have the opportunity to join forces with Nicaraguan community members to give them clean water for life. Yes, for life. (We’ll explain this audacious claim in our next email… stay tuned!)

By joining Pipeline, our monthly giving community for clean water, you will bless countless families and children.

What if you decided to join Pipeline TODAY at just $14 a month, thus bringing clean water to families and children in Nicaragua – ultimately creating healthier, safer, more joyful communities?

Our community members would love to have you on our team.