Byron is no stranger to our mission. He has seen it lived out in El Limonal since he was 11, when he joined our sponsorship program (now known as THRIVE). Throughout the years he learned about God and decided he wanted to spend his life serving others, just as his discipleship coordinators modeled for him. He chose to stay in his community of El Limonal and serve as a volunteer leader for the children in our program. Over time, our staff continued to be impressed by his commitment to serve, his positive attitude, and his heart for kids in the community to thrive. Because of this, last year we offered him a job in El Limonal, and he has been full-time with us ever since!

At the start of 2023, we had an open position for a female discipleship coordinator. Josh, our local director, went through several interviews trying to hire someone. It wasn’t until a group of moms from El Limonal went on a Sacred Forest trip together that the decision became clear. Esmirna was leading this trip and when she asked the mothers who would be the right fit to discipleship their daughters, they all came to the same consensus – Nathalia!

Come to find out, she had already been a positive role model, friend, and leader to many women and girls in her community. It turned out the raving descriptions of her were true. She was the girl for the job!

To make the situation even more impactful, Nathalia happens to be Byron’s older sister. They shared that working together daily has shown them how much they have in common. Not only that, but they are now united by their mission and passions. Children in the community look up to them relationally as siblings. Nathalia mentioned that people feel supported by them, because they know the trials they have been through, yet they still stick together as a family, loving one another. Nathalia and Byron continue to advance SuNica’s mission by investing in one another, and the community they grew up in.

“We both see how God continues to show us His immense love. Apart from being brother and sister, we also see each other as good friends and we can help each other in times of need.”

– Nathalia, Discipleship Coordinator