The most important aspect of any organization is its people!

Human beings are without a doubt the most special, most intricate, and most precious asset for any organization – for profit or not. If we take care of them, they’ll take care of the mission.

In this blog post, hear from two of SuNica’s staff members! Hector shares a success from his Discipleship work and Yolanda shares a quick video explaining the role that she plays to keep SuNica running smoothly down in Nicaragua.

Thanks to all of you who support the organization financially and make it possible to keep the likes of Hector and Yolanda employed. Not only are you helping us make disciples of Jesus through clean water, education, and mentorship, but you’re also supporting the livelihoods of over 30 different families in Nicaragua.

Yolanda Lazo: 

Yolanda came on staff early in 2021 joining our Administrative staff and has been an absolute Godsend. She’s smart, hardworking, and always has a positive attitude about life, work, and friends. Check out this video of Yolanda explaining her job and how it plays into the bigger picture.

A Discipleship Story about Rikky
by Hector Rodriguez – Discipleship Coordinator

One of our students in El Limonal ‘Rikky’ has been a part of our pre-leadership group for the last year. He had a very difficult relationship with his father who has been very hard on him. Throughout his time with SuNica – Rikky kept facing the reality that his pursuit of Jesus kept leading him back to this place of contempt for his dad. At some point in 2021 – he forgave his father. It has to be a continual fight and he doesn’t feel like the damage is completely healed, but he also says that things between he and his father are better. Rikky has told me that his current spiritual hurdle is figuring out what God’s purpose for his life is.

A Note from Alan: That last part about figuring out your purpose is a HUGE win for us. I remember doing a survey in a rural community back in 2007 and the final question on that survey was: “What are your hopes and dreams for the future?” We must have asked 100 kids and adults this question and not one could answer it. Not one. They would respond in silence. To have students who dream or even question their future or God’s purpose for their life is a really good thing.