The Los Ranchos water project has begun! Our water team has clocked a lot of time pouring into the community members and training them on how to care for a sustainable water project.

At this point the community members are all in, and we’ve officially started digging! Families are joining us day by day to dig trenches. A great development is happening in the community, and this water project will benefit a total of 120 families.  The work is intense, but the residents are encouraged and grateful for the project. 

This is what one of the community members from Los Ranchos had to say about the project…

“We cannot miss this opportunity to improve our quality of life. Clean drinking water is indispensable for our families health. That is why we must work hard as a community alongside SuNica and enjoy clean drinking water.”

Photos of the process of the water project in Los Ranchos:

Community gathers to learn about the SuNica water project process.

SuNica staff getting to know the community members in Los Ranchos.

Our water team teaching about each step of a water project.

Inauguration Day! Community members cut the ribbon to celebrate official groundbreaking of the water project.

Pastor Trinity (a key community member) praying over the water project as a whole.

Everyone in the community participating in digging trenches.

Community members laying down the pipes. It truly takes a village!