“I know. I know. It sounds like an audacious claim that $14/month can bring clean water to one person in Nicaragua – for life!

For context, the average life expectancy of a Nicaraguan is roughly 72 years. And our commitment is for the water systems we build to stand the test of time. I’m not really talking about the tangible or physical water systems, rather the social systems we’re helping to establish in order to govern said systems. This is accomplished through our Water and Sanitation Committee (or “CAPS” as we like to call it)

That said, it’s important to me to break down the numbers behind this bold statement of “$14 for life”.

Here’s how we arrived at this valuation:

  • Typical Water Project Cost: $200,000
  • Typical Water Project Length: 24 months
  • Average # of People Served per Water Project: 600

$200,000 / 24 months / 600 people = $13.88 per person

The numbers work out to ~$14 per person, paid monthly, over a two-year period, to provide clean water to an individual for the entirety of their life!

Are we saying the water system itself will last a lifetime?

No. The parts and pieces of the system will not last forever – this we can guarantee. What we are saying is that with proper training and empowerment, the CAPS can sustain their water system for a lifetime, and for generations to come!

Providing proper training (through CAPS) is the hardest part of the job, and we’re continuously striving to improve in this area. The actual construction of the water system seems like a cakewalk compared to training and equipping people. We’re a complicated bunch. PVC pipes pretty much act the same every day, but not me and you.

We began Pipeline with an assumption that the social-engineering was going to be the crux of the project – and that’s definitely proved true. Well I’m going to let you in on a SuNica shortcoming: we’re still working on it and probably always will be. But one thing we do know, is that we’re stronger together. By joining Pipeline, you will be an essential member in this journey to love and serve our neighbors in Nicaragua – just as Christ did (and continues to do) for us.”

Written by Alan Wilser

Executive Director

By joining Pipeline, our monthly giving community for clean water, you will bless countless families and children.

What if you decided to join Pipeline TODAY at just $14 a month, thus bringing clean water to those in Nicaragua – ultimately creating healthier, safer, more joyful communities?

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