Yunior is a gentle giant. The guy we all want on our team in football. He’s also the guy you want on your team for life!

Two years ago, our good friends at Water + Light (another nonprofit that works in Salinas Grande) reached out and asked if they could hire Yunior. We had already identified him as a potential SuNica Staff member, but W+L had an immediate need and we knew he would be a great addition to their team. So, we were glad to see him get the job!

Last Christmas break, Yunior asked if he could check out a laptop from W+L’s computer lab. During that time, he invited 25 graduating seniors over to his house to apply for college. Yunior walked them through the intricacies and steps of the college application process. A process that was previously out of reach for these rural Nicaraguan students.

We’re excited to report that 23 of Yunior’s applicants were accepted into University this past January. And 10 of those students are funded by THRIVE. Yunior may not be a SuNica staff member or volunteer anymore, but we are so proud of his heart for the Lord and strong work ethic.

Anticipation has grown among the THRIVE staff team as many of our high school students approach graduation. The dream to see kids from this dry and dusty fishing village make the jump into University is an achievement that so often felt like a distant dream. A dream typically reserved for only the elite families in Nicaragua.

When we began working in Salinas Grande in 2015, we only knew of two students in this 2,000-person community who had ever been to University. Today, we have 19 kids across Salinas Grande who are enrolled in University and are benefitting from our Scholarship Program.

These are not just stories. These are real people in Nicaragua that are greatly impacted by your continued support!