Thanks to everyone’s hard work logging miles and fundraising, the Virtual Race is rounding the corner toward our last two stops before the finish line!

But before we get too ahead of ourselves, let’s enjoy the virtual-view from our next waypoint…

Welcome to Salinas Grande!

Salinas is a happening place that we love talking about! Their Water Project is SuNica’s biggest ever (scheduled to be completed this year!!) and the 2020 Virtual Racers helped raise money for a Community Center for kids and families to gather.

We are excited to watch these two big scale projects come to life, but today we want to focus on a smaller (but no less impactful!) story of success that speaks to the heart of SuNica’s vision for Discipleship.

A big goal of our Programs is for our kids to step-up serve their communities as leaders, and since Discipleship started in Salinas in 2015, we’ve been waiting to see how God would make that dream a reality.

Jeimi, Enrique, and Fernanda started in our program 6 years ago. Over the years they’ve bonded with our staff and volunteer leaders during countless field trips, soccer tournaments, and Discipleship retreats – they know firsthand what Discipleship is all about!

They’ve grown in that time from middle schoolers to hard-working college students, and now we’re excited to announce they’re making the commitment to serve the next generation of Discipleship kids as leaders in Salinas!

We are beyond excited to see what God is going to do through the lives of these three, and how their testimonies will inspire other kids to be difference makers in their homes, community, and country!

Please join us in praying for Jeimi, Enrique, and Fernanda, that God would continue to grow their faith and speak through them, as well as for the families across all four of our communities!