In September 2019 – SuNica hosted a 10 year fiesta celebrating a decade of Making Disciples of Jesus through Clean Water, Education, and Mentorship! Leading up to that landmark occasion, the SuNica Leadership Team and Staff put together an impact target stretching out 10 years into the future.

These goals felt pretty lofty at the time, and the pandemic definitely set us back with fundraising, which impacted some of our bigger projects. Despite the fact that fundraising has not risen to the heights we had hoped for, the Lord still grew our impact during these past two years. We’ve added about 100 new kids to our programming and we’ve expanded from FOUR communities to SIX! 

One of those communities is called La Leona! We’re really excited about this project because we’re partnering with our good friends at Psalm128 Missions to launch our Discipleship programming with all of the kids they sponsor. This is pretty neat because while we were not in a position to fund-raise for and execute an entirely new Education & Mentorship program, they were not in a position to launch a Discipleship Program. SuNica was able to hire two of our long-time volunteers, and now we’re off to the races in La Leona – our SIXTH community. It’s a great encouragement to see this being built via trust and collaboration between two organizations.

The other community is called San Carlos! We’ve been bringing our Discipleship Programming in San Carlos up to speed ever since 2019 and now that we’ve been in the swing of things for most of 2021, we’ve got a good story for you. Check out these words of hope and life-change from one of our very own Discipleship Coordinators, Darwing Roque!

“One of our leaders, Alicia, is living out the heart behind SuNica in a very real way! Alicia has been with us from the very beginning and she is energetic, positive, involved, creative, and an amazing cultivator of community. She became a part of our mentorship program and it fits her like a glove. Alicia is so intentional with her group of girls and has expressed how much she sees God in what she does. Not only is she sharing about God with other people, but she has seen the impact God has had on her life personally. It is encouraging to see Alicia’s gifts shine as she shows up in her community to love kids and fellow leaders.”
Darwing, a Discipleship Coordinator