It’s been a busy 2021 up in the Sacred Forest! Josh and Erick have continued to add features to a low ropes course and have done more work on our new field to get it ready for soccer and other games.

But what’s even more exciting is we’ve hosted 18 trips with our Discipleship Kids and have 8 more planned before the year’s out! We could tell you all about what these trips mean to our kids and leaders, but let’s hear the testimonies from them directly!

“The Sacred Forest has been a place where I can witness change in the kids, leaders, and staff.”
Leo, a staff member & leader in El Limonal

“My experience in the Sacred Forest has been great. It’s a place that has taught me that God is present wherever we go. I feel sure of what God wants for my life when I’m there. Sure of His calling for me, sure of His purpose for me, and it’s a place that continues to teach me that life with Christ isn’t easy but it is best.”
Justina, a leader in El Limonal

“It was really special for me when we washed each other’s feet and afterwards they gave me a card with a message about God and His love for me. I felt that Jesus spoke to me with each word that I read.”
Keyner, a student turned pre-leader from El Limonal

“To have the opportunity to go to the Sacred Forest and be in community with people I haven’t met before, learning to take care of nature and most importantly, learning about God has greatly impacted my life.”
Wilminton, a student turned pre-leader from El Limonal

“The retreat helped me feel better with my anger. It also reminded me that God can help me control my emotions and that I should talk to him more.”
Yahoska, a student and pre-leader in Salinas