Sacred Forest Hike

"And after he had dismissed the crowds, he went up on the mountain by himself to pray."   Matthew 14:23

What is a Discipleship Retreat?


The goal of our discipleship retreats is to provide our kids, leaders and families with a space to reflect, pray, and grow closer to God and each other.  In the forest, visitors witness the beauty of their own country while experiencing a tranquility vastly different from their communities.  It's a setting that can be both restful and adventurous.  The Lord is always with you, but a trip up the mountain can create the space for an experience of His presence.

Sacred Forest CAPS Trip
Sacred Forest Casita
Sacred Forest Kids by the FIreplace
Sacred Forest Trees

"I never imagined a place so beautiful. You can truly focus there and feel God’s presence, God’s peace." 

- One of our discipleship kids after a Sacred Forest Retreat