This month we hosted our very first mothers retreat in the Sacred Forest. This three-day retreat was designed to create space for mothers in our communities to rest, have fun, and experience God. It is extremely rare that moms would be able to get away for something like this. The topic for the retreat was ‘Our Identity in Christ.’

During the weekend, moms shared deep conversations surrounding the topic of identity. They spoke about how their identity often gets wrapped up in worldly things. Our discipleship coordinators said all the women walked away from the weekend refreshed, with a new understanding of their identity in Christ.

“Zoveyda, a mother from Salinas Grande, shared that this retreat was very special. She felt grateful to God and SuNica for making this time for all the mothers, since it helped her see God in nature. It reminded her that she was made in the image of God and that He gave her her own identity. She described this as a ‘beautiful gift,’ knowing that she’s loved even though sometimes she doesn’t feel accepted by people. This retreat created a space for her to get to know all the mothers better. While they live in the same community, they don’t have much of a relationship. This retreat away gave her time to get to know other moms and now she has more confidence in friendships. By working together, she knows the mothers on this trip can be a light in their community. She truly walked away from this weekend with a rested heart and renewed strength. Zoveyda and the other mothers hope to return to the Sacred Forest again soon!”

Discipleship Coordinator