We have some exciting news about our Discipleship & Education programming in Nicaragua. We’re expanding our program to reach even more kids! And we’re bringing back the legacy name… THRIVE!

It was originally what we called this work, so it only felt fitting to revive the name with a brand new look. We’re changing the way we speak about our programming in that we no longer refer to it as a ‘Child Sponsorship Program’. We’re shifting our service model away from an exclusive focus on child sponsorship and toward an inclusive model focused on every child in each of the communities we serve.

It’s important to note that the nature of our work on the ground is not changing.

There are two main reasons for this change – accessibility and cost. Over the past several years we’ve determined there’s a more efficient cost-effective way to run our program. That said, instead of asking you to “sponsor” a kid, we’re asking you to “support” our work. For existing sponsors, nothing will change about the way your monthly payment is processed. Only the program name and fundraising approach are changing to better meet the needs of the children and communities we serve. We remain focused on mentoring kids to know and follow Jesus! We know you feel the same, and that’s what the THRIVE campaign is all about.

With your help, we’re going to be able to disciple more kids, help them stay in school and make it through college. In fact, we’re up to 35 students in university with a SuNica scholarship. We can’t wait to see that number grow thanks to your generosity!

To learn more check out our THRIVE page! https://sunica.org/thrive/