As I reflect on the past 10 years, wow, I’m in awe of this one incredible truth. Why has SuNica persevered?
August 24, 2020

With FAITH nothing is impossible.

As I reflect on the past 10 years, wow, I’m in awe of this one incredible truth.

Why has SuNica persevered? How did we even get started when so many start-ups quickly fail.

We may never know the exact answers to these questions, but what we can know is that the Lord is good and we attribute every victory the work He has done. All glory be to Him! All we can do is simply press on in faith believing that He will accomplish things, big things, in only the way He can.

There’s something beautiful about our faith. It only takes a little, Jesus said so! Most important, it is ONE for whom we put our faith in. For if we simply have the faith of a mustard seed in believing what Jesus is capable of, He says we can move mountains.

Over the past 10 years, Josh and I can point to over a hundred reasons for why SuNica should have never made it. And yet, God has provided a way for us to continue even when everything was outside of our control, the right thing happened at just the right time. For example, SuNica’s fundraising efforts over the years have often flopped, but then we humbly sit back and watch God use people (out of nowhere) to make a donation and save the day! When this happens once or twice, we chalk it up to chance, but having seen this time and time again, we are confident that God has worked to open doors when no one else could.

It also makes me think of people that have been essential to the SuNica story. I’m thinking of team members that came out of nowhere, that God placed in our path, to help us accomplish something new or build important key relationships. Even the simple fact that Josh and I found each other when we did and how we had uniquely specific personalities to work perfectly with one another to create this organization is a testimony to the work of Jesus. Whether people decided to donate of their time or financial resources, God has connected us with all the right people at exactly the right time to accomplish what only He could with SuNica.

Reflecting back on what God has done is such an important part of our story about faith. That is what our 10 Year Book is: a reflection of journey of faith. We often cannot see beyond the bend in the road, but God can see us through to the end. As we look to the next ten years, we can hardly imagine the ways that God will show up to accomplish new audacious things. We are excited to be a part of this faith journey and continue pressing on, in anticipation of seeing Him at work all along the way.

We’re HERE TO TELL YOU– faith in Christ alone has given us hope for a future.

Jesus really did rise again. He really IS the KING – the King of the Jews, the King of our lives, and He’s the King of SuNica.

I simply cannot explain it any other way.