SuNica’s end-of-year campaign for education.

OUR GOAL: $200,000

by December 31, 2023


At SuNica, education is a core part of our mission, yet it often doesn’t receive the attention it deserves. The reality is that education is not a given in Nicaragua. Attendance through high school is not the norm. Even finishing primary school (sixth grade) is not always a top priority, for kids or parents. Many people don’t even see the value in school.

This season, through our end-of-year campaign, we’re dedicated to proving that education “vale la pena”… Or is worth it!

We believe that by providing educational support and opportunity alongside robust spiritual mentorship, we can ignite a powerful transformation in a child’s life!

We invite you to join us in impacting the lives of 60 additional kids in 2024, reaffirming their worth in Christ and helping them realize their full potential! Plus, through our $10,000 match, the impact from your gift is doubled!

Worth Your Support


provides a school backpack and school supplies


provides monthly discipleship coordinator funding (staff)


provides access to our annual education and discipleship program (THRIVE) for 1 student


provides access to THRIVE + one University scholarship for 1 student


provides access to THRIVE for 3 students


provides a Sacred Forest retreat experience for 20 University students

Making Futures Bright

Thank you for investing in the lives of children in Nicaragua to make a lasting impact! Together, we can illuminate kids’ paths toward brighter futures. Because they’re all worth it.

Alondra’s Story


At 15 years old, Alondra lives with her grandparents and cousins. While she should be in tenth grade, she’s enrolled in the fourth grade due to family financial constraints, creating a significant educational gap. Now part of SuNica’s education program, we applaud Alondra’s resilience! Recognizing the value of education, she’s determined to complete primary and secondary school. Aspiring to study medicine and join the military, Alondra regrets not realizing the importance of school sooner. But, it’s never too late to understand that she is worth it, especially in the eyes of our loving Father. Serving kids like Alondra is a privilege, motivating them toward brighter futures, regardless of age.

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