BrackeCharity 2024

Let the Madness begin.

Our annual SuNica bracket challenge is back again, and you have found your way to the SECRET pool! This pool is advanced in its capacity to bring clean water to the community of Los Ranchos. That’s why this special BrackeCharity pool is of a higher stake. 

The minimum buy-in is $100, with an option to go bigger! SuNica is on the verge of dropping $40,000 on the most expensive piece of this project: the Water Tank. Any amount that you can donate will get us closer to making that big purchase, and thus bringing clean water to people that need it. 

The standard SuNica pool is a $25 entry with a max of 8 entries, but in the secret pool, there is only one bracket per person and the donation amount is unlimited! There is a minimum recommended donation of $100. For every entry, instead of $5 allocated to the prize pool, there is $25 allocated to the prize pool. The more you give, the more goes towards the water tank. 

We can’t wait for the tipoff! Every entry will help fund this water tank in Los Ranchos, Nicaragua which will bring 24/7 clean water to our friends in this community. And if that’s not incentive enough, we’ll also be giving away a gift card of choice to the winner!

Here’s how it works

  1. Make sure you register before the tipoff of the first game (Thursday, March 21 at noon). Minimum entry is $100. For every entry, the Gift Card Prize pool grows by $25. 
  2. You’ll be prompted to share who recruited you during the checkout process. Write a name in the field as we are giving away a free Nicaragua trip to the recruiter who gets the most folks to play. 
  3. Once you register, you’ll receive an email with a link to your Captain’s specific ESPN group and a password to join. If you have questions or don’t receive a sign-up email, reach out for assistance!


For each pool:

1st Place – 20% of the pot (in the form of Amazon gift cards!)

2nd Place – Winner’s Choice: 6 months of Sacred Forest Coffee or SuNica “swag pack” (Hydroflask, hat, and shirt)

3rd Place – Winner’s Choice of SuNica mug w/2 bags of coffee or SuNica mini “swag pack” (hat & shirt)


Prizes for each pool:

1st Place – Amazon gift card in the amount equal to 20% of the pot

2nd Place – Bag of Sacred Forest Coffee and a SuNica hat

3rd Place – SuNica t-shirt and sticker

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Step 1 of 4 - Buy-in + Optional Donation

The minimum buy-in for this pool is $100, with an option to donate more.