Salinas Grande

This coastal community represents the most significant population we serve.  It is the site of our largest water project to date and a strong base for our education and mentoring program.

Map of Nicaragua with Salinas Grande
progress bar showing an active education and mentoring and a water and sanitation program
Community Stats
When we started working here:
Number of Homes:

Upcoming Project

youth group signing worship music

Salinas Community Center

A shade from the heat and a shelter from the storm. This building will be the community’s epicenter for school plays, graduations, or any other important gathering. Not to mention the perfect spot for SuNica’s weekly Discipleship times!

Current Project

Salinas TOTW

Salinas: Turn on the Water

Our biggest water project to date serving 400+ homes and over 2,000 people. The 20 year cost of the initial construction will only be $3.75 per person per year.