El Limonal

We started SuNica after witnessing kids picking through trash in the middle of a school day. It changed our lives, and we have been learning and growing ever since. The community is situated adjacent to a trash dump, wastewater plant, and a graveyard. Since 2015, the community has upgraded from dirt roads, plastic or make-shift shanty homes, no electricity, and no septic system to having paved roads with curbs and gutters, legitimate electricity, sewers, and block homes making it one of the most unique places where we work.

Map with location of El Limonal
progress bar showing an active education and mentoring and a water and sanitation program
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Past Project

El Limonal Community Center

El Limonal Community Center

Our first ever community center exists in an unexpected place - on the edge of a trash dump. This facility is a safe space where kids can learn, play, and be encouraged to grow in their faith

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Child Sponsorship

Sponsorship invites a person like you to support the discipleship and well-being of a child — equipping students to discover their purpose.


A Grand Angel Oak


Resilience for a lot of folks would be synonymous with strength. What does it really mean and how can you be more resilient for tomorrow?