Church Partnerships

SuNica believes God has called His church to spearhead the charge to restore the goodness He originally intended for this world. The church has so much potential, and it’s just waiting to be unleashed. We simply can’t bring clean water, education, and discipleship to the people of Nicaragua without our church partners. If your church has any bit of untapped gospel energy, we invite you to join us in bringing the Kingdom of Heaven to earth in Nicaragua.

How can your church partner with SuNica?

1. Financially invest in our work: While financial support is necessary for the existence of any nonprofit, SuNica would much rather enter into relationships with its church partners than engage in a monthly business transaction. Read on to learn how your church can take ownership within SuNica’s mission.

2. Join us in Nicaragua: See our Trips page for more info. Our hope is that you’ll get a sense of what SuNica is all about and the type of projects you may want to help us complete.

3. Complete a project: Choose a project or two that your church wants to help complete (i.e., participate in a construction project, host a day of discipleship or a discipleship retreat in the Sacred Forest, help improve education, or sponsor a select group of kids). SuNica will work with your staff or volunteers to develop ideas on how to best engage your church in completing the project.

4. Update your congregation: SuNica will commit to a certain number of updates in the form of video or in-person “Ministry Spotlights” at your church throughout the year. Our heart is that your church would know and sense that it is an active participant in moving the Gospel forward in Nicaragua.

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