SuNica staff and sponsored students

The Double Sponsorship Approach

A SuNica Sponsorship invites a person like you to support the well-being of a child through an Education and/or Discipleship program in Nicaragua.


Here's how your Education sponsorship works. We don't give money directly to your student or their family to attend school. Instead, we take the sum of all Education sponsorship dollars to provide the support necessary for your child and many of his/her classmates to go to school. This means we're offering more than a school uniform and a book bag. We're committed to making every aspect of your child's educational experience better. This includes things like building or renovating a classroom, providing tutoring and extra curriculur activities, purchasing internet for higher learning, providing school materials, or even purchasing food for special/crisis situations.

Sponsorship education activities


Like the Education sponsorship, your Discipleship dollars work collectively to fund SuNica's Discipleship Program. This money goes directly to hiring and supporting the Discipleship Coordinators who organize and run the programs in each of the communities. It's also used to provide transportation for the Coordinator and their Discipleship Team. The rest of the funding distribution includes providing a weekly Bible Study, Children's Storybook Bible to each student, Leadership Training Retreats (for our Discipleship leaders), Field-Trips (for your student), and other special events designed to reinforce the truth that your student is valuable, loved, and created in God's image.

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Your Commitment

Sponsorship Individual

Individual Sponsorship

We envision all eligible students in our sponsorship program receiving two sponsorships, one for Education and one for Discipleship. We know this can get pricey for individuals and families, so we rely on the SuNica tribe to come together to make it happen, one sponsorship at a time.

Sponsorship Double

Double Sponsorship

We sponsor all our students for Education and Discipleship because the kids we serve need more than an education. They need a spiritual mentor too. We promise this combination works and have seen it change the trajectory of many lives! Support a child holistically by investing in a Double Sponsorship.

It Works!

Our students in Nicaragua aren't all that different from kids in the U.S. Their circumstances may be a bit more dire, but they all deserve a chance to thrive. Check out this video about Alejandro - a kid whose story really embodies the heart of what our program is all about.

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