Eta and Iota - Two Hurricanes in Two Weeks

SuNica staff & the Leon/Chinandega was spared the worst. Not so for NE Nicaragua. This blog will be updated as Hurricane updates become available.
November 20, 2020
Destruction from Hurricane Eta.

UPDATE November 20, 2020 | 10:00am


Destruction caused by Hurricane Iota.

Give to Hurricane Relief

We are grateful to report that our team is safe. Leon and Chinandega had a lot of rain and some wind, but overall fared well during Hurricane Iota. Puerto Cabezas has endured serious destruction, and many people are without roofs on their houses. Our connection in Puerto Cabezas is a man named Pastor Earl of Verbo Church. He is graciously feeding 2,000 people while his own roof has been completely blown off by the wind. 80% of homes are damaged or destroyed, and most damaged homes are missing roofs.

Here are the needs that we are prepared to meet if you want to give:

  1. Food - $39 feeds a family of 5 for a month. Our friends at Open Hearts have already sent enough for 280 families, and we are planning to do at least one more delivery like that in the next couple of weeks.
  2. Water Deliveries: It’s a $200/trip in fuel for Pastor Earl’s boat to run fresh water in 55 gallon drums on a 60 mile round trip in the open ocean to Wawa Bar, Haulover, & Karata. He can send a group of locals to do that every other day for the next month or two until their artesian wells can be flushed from the sea water and other contaminants that have filled them. 
  3. Roofs: Tin (for roof repair) $800 is AVG cost of roof repair
  4. Chainsaw: ($750) For clean-up & roof building
  5. Boat: $14,000 - Earl’s panga boat & motor are woefully inadequate to move supplies on the 60 mile open ocean round-trip to the people of Karata, Haulover, & Wawa Bar. New boat for $4,000 and a 150hp outboard for $10,000 would be very helpful. The only way to reach most of these places is by boat so this would be a fantastic need to meet if you’re in position. 

This is a developing situation and the nature of relief work is such that you simply take care of basic needs until boots on the ground can really understand how best to move from relief to restoration and then back to development. 

We are thankful for your continued prayers, support, and concern for our friends in Nicaragua. While the damage will take much effort to rectify, we praise God that He has spared the lives of many. If you would like to help support relief efforts in the Puerto Cabezas region, you can do that directly at www.sunica.org/donate by selecting Hurricane Eta Relief in the dropdown menu.

We will continue to update this blog as information becomes available.

Give to Hurricane Relief 



According to weather.com, this is the first time on record there have ever been two major hurricanes to hit Nicaragua in the same season (a major hurricane is a Category 3 or greater). 

Our friends in Managua just returned home from a relief mission dropping a large box truck load of food and supplies to a network of church partners in Puerto Cabezas.  The journey is long and difficult (even without Hurricane issues). 

And now Hurricane Iota is set to slam into the same spot only two weeks later. There are already thousands staying in what few shelters exist in the area. Homes that barely withstood Eta will likely not hold up through a Category 5 hurricane.  

Below are pictures from our friend Chris Farrington. They were able to visit a few of the villages in which they have worked over the years. You can see that their operation is pretty significant. 

If you would like to help make another delivery of food and water into the Puerto Cabezas region, you can do that directly at www.sunica.org/donate. Just choose Hurricane Eta Relief in the dropdown.


Photographs of the damage caused by Hurricane Eta.


Photographs displaying the damage caused by Hurricane Eta.